There is no substitute for experience.

It is in my family DNA to design and to create. If you are working on a project and need additional talent, I can help. 

I have decades of experience in High Tech Manufacturing in the thin film industry, and in complex product design for companies like Screen Innovations, Great Stuff INC., and The MediGLIDER Corporation. I also work with private inventors. 

I offer an advanced level of Creative Mechanical Design using Solid Works, Rapid Prototyping, Machine Tools & Fabrication. I have invested in my own private Model Shop Facility where new ideas are built tested and refined on-site in days not weeks.

I have a passion for providing mobility market solutions, such as the personal eating device product I am currently developing. If you are a veteran of our armed forces I want to salute you for your service to our country. I would consider it an honor to give back to you with my time and talent if you have a special needs project. Please fill out a contact form to start the discussion.

Screen Innovations sells the products I developed in 77 countries around the world. As a World-Class Product Designer, I bring efficiency and quality to every project and excel in creating 3D and mechanical models. 

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Dan P

Knights of Columbus

No project is too big or too small. 

At my complete R&D Facility, I can help with…


Customized Vehicles

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Design for Manufacturing Improvements

New Manufacturing Process Development

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Innovative Designs to Reduce Repetitive Motion Injuries

New Product Development

Mechanical Design Solutions

New Inventions

Prototype Development


Dan’s decades-long experience designing complex products have demonstrated his advanced level of knowledge in designing plastic moldings, sheet metal forming plans, milled aluminum fabrication, and virtually all fasteners available.

He excels in creating 3D and mechanical models that perform flawlessly, and his designs work! Time to market for new products and product revisions is shortened because he knows what will or will not perform well. Our management team is always very pleased with Dan’s ideas and designs-usually surprising us with concepts no one else considered.

I highly recommend Dan for engagement in all critical product design roles and welcome calls to discuss his capabilities and accomplishments in detail.

Tom Cooley–Tom Cooley
Chief Operating Officer
Screen Innovations

Dan and I have worked together successfully on many occasions to provide inventions that ranged in complexity from fairly straightforward to exceedingly difficult. Dan's skills as a machinist are unsurpassed: he is fast, dead accurate, and capable of machining anything that can be made.

He also has the ability to visualize 3-dimensional assemblies and design mechanical tools, fixtures, and machinery. Often we would work together to develop a concept and Dan could take it through detailed CAD design, drafting, and fabrication with no further input from me. Sometimes this involved no more than photocopying a page from my lab book and after a brief conversation letting him do the rest, freeing me to focus on other matters.

Dan is a self-starter who commits himself to the task at hand and can be counted on to deliver, even if it means working extra hours. He is honest, easy to get along with, and keeps his word. He is creative, highly skilled, and hard-working. I recommend him without reservation.

– Rick Ryall
Principal Mechanical Engineer
Excelitas Technologies Corp

I have enjoyed working with Dan on some cool products at SI. I have been amazed at some of the innovations he has developed with the teams!

When I first came to SI his office was next to mine which was great for me as I was able to learn so much from him and his team. He is a pleasure to work with and to collaborate with.

Dan has such a great positive attitude and when we would have any kind of mechanical challenge we would rise to the occasion with a solution seemingly out of nowhere. He brings such a can-do spirit to the work!

It is rare to run into someone who can not only come up with some great ideas but put them down on CAD or paper and you see them jump off the page or screen at you! I love being around passionate and creative people like Dan. I almost need a bucket to follow him around and pick up all the cool ideas he brings to the table!

I look forward to working with Dan on many new projects in the future and feel honored to work with him. Thanks, Dan for being so patient with me and helping me at every turn! I highly recommend working with Dan if you want someone who is honest and excels at what they do!

Mike B
–Michael J. Braithwaite

Chief Technology Officer
Screen Innovations

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